Demolishing commercial buildings needs more scrutiny and care than residential demolition. Just as in residential demolition process, there are different methods with which you can take down the building. Demolish Building by hand, Mechanical demolition, and Demolition by explosion or implosion are a few among these. And when it comes to commercial building demolitions there are some other extra things you should know before proceeding.

Let’s have a brief look on the above mentioned:

1. Demolition by Hand

Demolition building by hand is not the quickest method but could be the effective one though. In this type of demolition only hand tools are used with a sheer goal of recovering most of the building parts for future use. However, cranes and shear legs can be used to support during the process. Demolish one storey at a time. This is usually the safest way to perform a demolition by hand. Also make sure you start from the reverse order with the building storeys, i.e. the roof goes down first.

By opting for this method you can clearly take care of all those power cords and LAN cables. Since they are done storey wise, it is well assured that the connection of the other storeys will be intact and so is your business. But, we personally recommend shutting the building or re-situating to a temporary office

2. Mechanical Demolition

This is the most common method of demolition opted for commercial buildings demolition. Usually, this method comprises of using heavy machines and high-end technologies for tearing apart the building. Most of the equipment needs skilled and experienced hands and these are definitely cannot be self-taught. Hydraulic excavators, wrecking balls, wire rope pulls are a few among this category.

Since this method wrecks down any structure and building in no time, the hazards that back mechanical demolition are not less. Noise, dust, vibration on adjoining structure or buildings, flying debris, uncontrolled and unintentional collapse are just a few among the aftermath of this demolition. But, if you have the proper documents and a well-managed debris removal services, many of these hazards won’t be much of a problem. So, if you are on your budget and needs to get the job done quick, a mechanical demolition would be the best.

Make sure all the services to your building are disconnected before you start with the demolition building. If you come across any radioactive or hazardous material during demolition, proper care and calculation are clearly needed for the safety of you and your surroundings.

3. Demolition by Explosion or Implosion

Implosion and explosion demolition is the most effective and efficient among this group. This saves your money and time by bringing down your multi-story buildings and structures with controlled and calculated explosions. A demolition by implosion or explosion will be the most suited to a situation where significant hazards from the other demolition methods pose a threat to the ecosystem and people.

Demolition with explosives requires expert hands and skill. Most structures, except timber and brick structures, can be adapted to this type of demolition. Make sure you have all the documents and legal permissions to continue demolition.


Choosing the best demolition expert in the country to complete your project of demolish building would be better than trying to experiment on demolish building. This field definitely needs some expert hands and skill. So, have you decided on what type of demolition you need for taking down your commercial building? Make sure you research on this for a while before coming up with a decision. Also, make sure to arrange temporary workspace for both your business and employees.

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