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About Us

Express Demo & Waste was founded in 2012 in response to the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy, and we have been serving the New York City metro area ever since.

Our Services & Service Areas

We offer a wide range of demolition and junk removal services. Our services are designed as a cost effective solution for basic demolition, property cleanup, junk removal, dumpster filling, and dumpster rental services. We currently service Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Nassau County.

Experienced, Licensed & Insured

Since our founding we have completed hundreds of demolition and junk removal projects. Our crews are experienced and professional, and we provide regular job site supervision. Express Demo & Waste is fully licensed and our crews and equipment are fully insured.

Our Services & Service Areas

Fast & Affordable

At Express Demo & Waste, we understand the age old maxim for construction: stay on budget and stay on schedule. Anticipating these demands, we have developed our services to be fast and affordable. In many cases we can deploy crews and equipment in as little as 24 hours. Our pricing is extremely competitive and in order to ensure we are never underbid, we offer a Price Match Guarantee, click here for details.

Driveway Demolition Services NYC

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At Express Demo & Waste, estimates are always FREE, contact us today to receive yours. We would love to help you with your project. Call us today to receive your free estimate or fill out the contact form and we will reach out to you shortly.

Garage Demolition & Rip Out Services NYC
NOTE: We do not do all types of demolition and junk removal. We do not offer full building demolition, wrecking ball demolition, landscape excavation, hazardous junk removal. We specialize as a cost effective solution for basic demolition, cleanup, garbage removal, dumpster filling, and dumpster rental services

Price Match Guarantee

Our pricing is as affordable and competitive as it gets. If another contractor offers you a better price for the same project, we will beat their bid by at least $100!

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Their Price $1099

Our Price $999

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