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Demolition is an art. An art where precision and perfection grabs the spotlight than any other components! Here, at Express Demo & Junk Removal we develop this art with utmost care and vigilance. We pair our expertise with precision tools to remove homes and apartments, including those in tight spaces while minimizing the impact on the surrounding neighborhood. Whether you’re renovating or rehabilitating the existing structure or planning for a fresh construction project, partnering with us will give you the advantage over cost and time. With our trustworthy network and experienced professionals, your unique needs will surely be met using the highest industry standards and culture.

Residential demolition company in NYC

There is no compatible demolition process for every building and structure. Each demolition project has its own requirements and characteristics. Knowing them to the core and executing the project successfully is that special factor which differs Express Demo & Junk Removal from other residential demolition companies in NY. Here are a few services we provide for both exterior and interior residential demolition.

Our Exterior residential services include:


Concrete Demolition


Stairway Demolition


Fence Demolition


Driveway Demolition


Walkway Demolition


Patio Demolition

Our Interior residential Services includes:


Basement Demolition & Rip out


Home Interior Rip out


Kitchen Demolition & Rip out


Bathroom Demolition & Rip out


Home Remodeling Demolition


Roof-Top/Ceiling Demolition

Deconstruction Services

This is a green demolition service we provide that maximizes the quantity and quality of wrecked building components so that you can reuse or recycle them.

Going Green

We believe in an eco-friendly environment for both you and the neighborhood. But, for a greater tomorrow, there is no guilt in getting a bit hurt. Through our every project we give our maximum effort to minimize the impact of demolition on the environment. Our aggressive recycling and waste disposal services are specially introduced to reincarnate the environment without dust and pollution after demolition services.

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Looking for unexpectedly excellent residential demolition company in NY? Here, in Express Demo & Waste you can find services which no other residential demolition contractor provides. Estimates are free and you are always welcome for a free consultation. Our prices aren’t off the records and our Price Match Guarantee ensures our prices are affordable and competitive. We are proudly serving NewYork, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Nassau County and Suffolk.

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