Demolition Project Details

Project Type: Interior Demolition Queens
Neighborhood: Jamaica Hills
Borough: Queens
City: New York City
Zip Code: 11432


One of our clients recently hired us to remove a non-load-bearing wall from their dining room. The family started poking some holes in the wall, but decided to give us a call to complete the job. The dinning room was very closed in and cramped, so they wanted to remove the wall completely to create a more open floor-plan.

First we triple checked to make sure the wall was truly non-load-bearing before we began the full demolition. Everything checked out so we quickly went to work, stripping the walls and removing the debris. Additionally the ceiling had water damage and needed a skim coating, so we removed the all the damaged ceiling and smoothed out the surface.

We were able to completely remove the wall, repair the ceiling and clean out all the debris by end of day. Once the demolition was completed we helped coordinate with the painters who came in gave the walls a fresh coat of paint, with a warm and contemporary green color. The dinning room is now an open and welcoming space perfect for large family gatherings.


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