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Basic Demolition Company NYC

When the Hurricane Sandy unleashed her wrath, all we could do was to mourn helplessly as she swept away our years of hard work and perseverance. But, the aftermath was far too severe to handle. The roads and pavements were completely messed up with the debris and God-knows what! This is where Express Demo & waste was born. We have been proudly serving NY and its surrounding areas since then. Express demo & Waste is one of the finest basic demolition company in the locality but, we would love to refer it to as an ‘attitude of resilience’. This attitude helped to pave our ways through all the gruesome situations we faced.

You can find a lot of companies who provide basic demolition services, but to find a company with an unshattered aim of serving the society just like us can be really difficult.

Basic Demolition Services in NY

Entrusting us with your demolition project will gain you a lot of things. You save your time and money while experiencing the best premium-felt services from us. We make sure to maintain the quality all throughout the project. Our long list of successful records reveals we don’t kid around when it comes to the job. We provide basic residential and commercial demolition services at affordable prices. Our services include:

Basic Rip Out Demolition

  • Bathroom Ripouts
  • Garage Ripouts
  • Partial and Full Kitchen Ripouts
  • Office Ripouts
  • Carpet Ripouts
  • Wallpaper Ripouts
  • Flooring Ripouts
Basic Demolition Services in NY

Pre-Construction Demolition Services

To demolish something isn’t as easy as said. There are some external requirements that you must achieve before proceeding with the project. With our Pre-construction services, we will perform a detailed survey on your building or structure to make sure every liabilities are met accordingly for a safe demolition.

Pre-Construction Demolition Services

Pre-Renovation Demolition

Are you planning to renovate your home or office? You should try our pre-renovation demolition services. Our pre-renovation services highlights the ups and downs that might happen to the structure before you plan with the renovation. This service comes in handy for the customers who aren’t well aware of the consequences that might arise during the demolition. It will a blessing to have a trust-worthy company like us to support you along with your project.

Inspection Demolition

Price Match Guarantee and Free Estimates

The Price Match Guarantee is one of our features in the spotlight. This ensures our prices are intact and competitive in the market. With free estimates and free consultations, Express Demo & Waste still remains as the best residential and commercial demolition company in the country. We are proudly serving New York, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Nassau County and Suffolk.

Price Match Guarantee and Free Estimates

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